Reformer Class Pricing

To purchase click to the right:

  • $40 - single class
  • $75 - 3 Class Intro Package for New Clients (1 month expiration)
  • $190 - 5 pack (2 month expiration)
  • $350 - 10 pack (4 month expiration)
  • $640 - 20 pack (5 month expiration)
  • $15 - Community Reformer Class

Open Reformer Class

The intimate size of these classes allows each client to receive hands on adjustments and individualized feedback from the instructor. Classes will challenge core stability, improve flexibility, build strength, develop control and endurance for the entire body. Previous reformer experience is required, but all levels are welcome. Our reformer classes are limited to 6 students.

    Intermediate / Advanced Jumpboard Class

    The jumpboard is an accessory used to incorporate a lower-impact jumping action into the reformer based Pilates practice. Please be advised this is an advanced level class with a cardio component. A strong and regular Pilates practice is recommended. If you are working through an injury or are post-partum, our open level reformer classes are more appropriate. Jumpboard classes are limited to 6 students.

    Beginner Reformer / Foundation Principles

    This Beginner Reformer class will teach you the foundation principles of Pilates, as well as teaching you how to use the reformer apparatus. We highly recommend that if you have never been on the Reformer you take this class before entering any other of our Reformer classes at the Fort. Our foundation classes are limited to 6 students.

    Pre-natal Reformer Class

    These classes are designed to give women the tools to care for their bodies during pregnancy. Pilates strengthens the pelvic floor and provides stability to support pregnancy, delivery and post-pregnancy. Our pre-natal classes are limited to 6 students.

    In the beginning of your 2nd trimester we ask you kindly to only take pre-natal reformer and private sessions. If you have questions regarding our pre-natal policy please contact us prior to scheduling your class.

    Community Reformer Class

    We want everyone to love Pilates as much as we do! Therefore, we offer weekly classes at a rate that may be more approachable to everyone in our community. 

    Community class focuses on the same intimate, hands on approach as our open reformer classes. Our Community classes are limited to 6 students. 

    Private Pilates

    Our private sessions offer customized workouts and individualized attention, which help master skills and reach goals more efficiently. We can help you set goals, recover from injury and strengthen at the pace that’s right for you. 

    To purchase click below:

    • $90 - single session
    • $850 - 10 pack (3 month expiration)
    • $55 - duet (per person)
    • $550 - 10 pack duet (per person, 3 month expiration) 
    • $105 - single session with Ashley Richmond
    • $1000 - 10 pack with Ashley Richmond (3 month expiration)
    • $55 - duet with Ashley Richmond (per person)

    * Duets allow two people who are at similar points of their Pilates practice to take a semi-private class together. Duet session partners will not be provided by Fort Pilates.