Rebecca Walden

Private Gyrotonic Instruction


Hometown: Columbia, SC


  • North Carolina School of the Arts: High school, concentration in ballet
  • Columbia University: BA in Anthropology
  • Alonzo King's LINES Ballet: Training Program 
  • Gyrotonic Level 1
  • Gyrokinesis   
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa certified Instructor 

Why I Practice :  

I practice because movement is my way of being, of experiencing this life through this gift of a breathing, dancing, waving, spiraling body.  

Why I Teach:

I am a voracious learner, and the more I teach the more I learn.  Teaching allows me to grow and learn about the potential of the human body and mind--both my own and others'--and to continuously find awe in our physical and mental capability to grow and change through movement.