Zay Kile

Specialties - Restoring Balance & Body Reading, Runners, Hip Pathologies, Shoulder Injuries, Pre & Post-natal, Back Pain


Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI


  • Erika Bloom Pilates: 600+ hour Pilates Certification

    • Intensive and comprehensive mat & complete apparatus training in both classical and contemporary style. 

    • Continued education with focus on pilates for pre & post natal, scoliosis, neurological conditions, hip/knee/foot/back pain and restoring balance & body reading.

Why I practice: 

My approach to pilates is influenced most by my life as a dancer, and my own experience with a chronic auto immune condition. Movement was a large support of my initial healing process. Pilates provided me with systemic relief as well as a deeper connection to my body—it also centered my mind and gave me the ability to re-take control of my health. 

Why I teach:

I feel passionate about helping people move better in their bodies. Whether you just want to have more every day energy and postural support or whether you want to complete a marathon smoothly and injury free, pilates can increase your quality of movement and quality of life. My classes begin with taking a moment to quiet the every day NYC noise and find your unique breath, balance, and rhythm. We'll work together to prioritize preciseness of movement over piling on of weight. Subtle differences in movement unlock enormous differences in results.