Mia Martelli


Hometown: Marblehead, MA


  • SUNY Brockport: B.F.A. in Dance

  • Evolution Pilates (under direction of Michelle Pritchard): Comprehensive Mat and Reformer Certification

  • Fort Pilates (under the direction of Ashley Richmond): Apprenticeship and Cadillac certification

Why I practice: 

As a dancer in college, I had a "sampler" of somatic movement practices such as Alexander Technique, Skinner Releasing Technique, Body Mind Centering, and Pilates. I developed a hunger for kinesthetic experiences to help me better understand my body and change how I experience all movement. With Pilates, I find freer movement, clearer dancing, and power in how I take up space. Pilates provides me with feelings in my body of spaciousness, ease, and calm strength. The emphasis on detail within the work helps me focus my mind and healthily organize my body. Pilates allows me to go in to myself, visualizing and sensing my anatomy, in order to unpack movement patterns, develop refreshed ways of moving, and significantly decrease pain.

Why I teach:

When I teach, I feel empowered. I find confidence in leading movement and curating an environment where people can slow down, think deeply, and research their bodies. I find it incredibly satisfying to watch someone uncover something new about their way of moving. Pilates is not just a way to get in shape - it's deeply individualized, healing bodywork. Pilates has completely changed the way I exist in my body and to provide someone else with a way in to themselves is inspiring for me.