Jordan Miller

Specialties - Dancers, Hip dysfunction, Spinal pathologies (stenosis, osteoporosis, disc herniations, kyphosis, lordosis etc.), Hyper-mobility, Full-body movement integration & coordination 

Hometown: Auburn, IN


  • The School of American Ballet: Graduation, Mae L. Wien Award for Outstanding Promise

  • Kane School of core Integration: Comprehensive Mat Certification

  • Balanced Body: Comprehensive Apparatus Certification

Why I Practice:

My Pilates practice began as a supplement to my dance training-- it allowed me to realize the nuances of alignment, mobility and mechanics as it relates to my body and to gain control over my hypermobile joints. Over the years, my practice has progressed from injury prevention to movement education; the information I have gathered has made me an overall smarter mover which has been essential is maintaining a healthy dance career.  

Why I teach:

Teaching allows me to work with a varied spectrum of body-types and movers--my clients are constantly educating me and forcing me to find creative ways to approach biomechanics. This experience is priceless, as an instructor and as a dancer.