Janessa Clark

Specialties - Dancers, Advanced Pilates Practitioners & Disc Herniations


Hometown: New York by way of Stockholm, Sweden


  • Arizona State University: BFA Dance and Choreography

  • Royal Central School of Speech & Drama: MA Performance Practices & Research

  • BASI International: Comprehensive Mat and Apparatus

  • Steele Pilates: Comprehensive Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac

  • Carriage House Birth, Doula-in-training

  • Balanced Body: Barre Fitness Certification

Why I practice: 

My Pilates Practice keeps me centered, healthy, and joyful in movement. I am able to maintain my physical work as a dancer/choreographer and my vitality as an adventure-loving human by caring for my body in my daily Pilates ritual. I have discovered that by moving with intention, I am always learning something new about myself. That is exciting to me, to always be on a journey of deepening my relationship to my body and its capacity for quality living. Before I started practicing Pilates I was plagued with dance injuries. I didn't understand balance, only extremes. By practicing, I found harmony and a deep personal mediation that made sense to me. 

Why I teach:

I teach so that I may hold space for others to connect to their deeper selves. I am honored to facilitate movement experiences that help others to prevent or rehabilitate injuries, to re/discover strength, and to move towards personal goals with confidence. Movement is change, and change keeps us present. I teach to assist us all in the quest to live in the 'now' with energy and curiosity.