Graziella Murdocca

Specialties - Pre & Post-natal, Overall Injury Rehab

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 


  • CUNY,  Hunter College: BA Dance and Mathematics
  • Gramercy Pilates Teacher Training Program: Comprehensive Pilates Mat and Apparatus

Why I Practice:

Practice allows for continued growth.  Every day our bodies feel different and this is true concerning movement, as well. This practice gives knowledge that stretches and realigns your body and mind. With over twenty years of dance training,  my mind body connection has only deepened with my Pilates practice.  

Why I teach:

Teaching has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.  Sharing my knowledge with others has allowed me to help people feel taller, looser, stronger, calmer and overall better. Personal growth within my clients practice reaffirms all the benefits a pilates practice can offer.