Elle Erdman

Specialties - Advanced Movers, Dancers, Athletes, Advanced Movers, Dancers, Athletes, Neck/Shoulder dysfunction, Foot/Ankle alignment & Pre/Post natal.


Hometown: Bethel, CT


  • SUNY Purchase College for Dance/Performance : BFA

  • Body-Mind Centering Studies Moveus, Potsdam, Germany

  • Ellie Herman Pilates : Comprehensive Mat and Apparatus Certification

  • Irene Dowd : Kinesthetic Anatomy Certification

  • Brigitte Arle : Prenatal Pilates Certification

Why I practice: 

I have dedicated my life to the world of dance and conditioning the body! After years of physical dance training, Pilates came at a time when I most needed it as I was becoming more prone to injuries and misaligned body mechanics. The powerful practice of Pilates transformed my approach of maintaining a healthy, functioning body by establishing core strength, muscle tone and joint health. Due to the low-impact nature of Pilates, I use it consistently as a preventative and rehabilitative routine.

Why I teach:

Promoting health and well-being in all body types is an aspiration and lifelong commitment of mine. I believe that connecting the body to the mind makes for a fuller existence and creates a deeper consciousness. When the intelligence of the body is paid attention to as much as the dominant mind, we stand stronger in who we are and what we need to build healthy lifestyles. After years of loving and studying the body so well, I am inspired to teach Pilates and share this knowledge of achieving a deeper mind-body connection!