Ashley Ayers

Specialties - Lower Back Issues, Post-natal, Beginner Reformer Classes


Hometown: Born in LA, raised in the suburbs of Atlanta


  • Kennesaw State University: BFA in Dance

  • STOTT Pilates: Comprehensive Mat certification

  • Kane School of Core Integration: Comprehensive Mat and Apparatus

  • Kinespirit: Gyrotonic Level 1

Why I Practice:

I practice because my body craves movement and my mind wants to create it. I move to balance my body, center my mind and alleviate pain. I grew up immersed in the world of ballet, and with that came numerous injuries and imbalances, which led me to Pilates and Gyrotonic. With the help of these modalities I am able to experience freedom from pain and physical limitations as well as anxiety and stress.

Why I Teach:

I believe in movement as medicine. There is something so invaluable about being in control of and connected to your body. Pilates and Gyrotonic facilitate a pain-free lifestyle and equip you with the power to reach whatever goal you are working towards. Both modalities can truly heal, and that is why I teach: for the fulfillment that I experience when my clients progress. The human body fascinates me and studying it is something I really enjoy. Teaching gives me the opportunity to learn and share simultaneously.